<![CDATA[Travel Time Mama - Travel Time Crafts]]>Sat, 30 Jan 2016 15:42:20 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Easy No Sew  D.I.Y. Disney Fish Extender How to Video]]>Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:51:01 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/easy-no-sew-diy-disney-fish-extender-how-to-videoI can't believe I forgot to upload this video! It is my first ever How to video so please excuse the glitches and that weird face I am making. This is how I make my no sew Fish Extender for my Disney cruise. You can use any pre made tote bags and then embellish or decorate them any way you would like! 

If you have any question please comment! I hope this helps some of my fellow Disney Cruisers!
<![CDATA[Travel I SPY jars..... Fun for kids & easy to DIY]]>Fri, 25 Apr 2014 19:14:16 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/travel-i-spy-jars-fun-for-kids-easy-to-diy

I have seen some neat travel I Spy games online and was inspired to create my own version. I will admit that I did wonder if my kids would even care for these. They loved them. I caught them playing with them several times on our 40 hour roundtrip drive to Disney. So here is your basic DIY how to for these bottles. 

A collection of small items we chose to fill the Boy I Spy Bottle. Buttons, crayons, and small toys! The girls version was similar but with princess themed buttons instead of sports.

Items Needed:
-Empty bottles with lids ( I used small plastic Tropicana Juice bottles)
-Sand, rice, or other filler. ( I used salt and layers of multi colored sprinkles)
-Small objects ( Make sure they FIT in the bottle!)
-Hot Glue
- Decorative Ribbon
THE HOW TO......
Layer the filler (spindles/salt) with the objects until the bottle is almost full. You want to leave a little room for the bottle to be shaken around so that the kids can have fun searching for the items

Next, Hot glue the lid on. Glue it good. You do not want this coming apart in the car.  Add ribbon or other decoration to the bottle if desired.

Originally,  I was going to take of photo of the items that were in the bottle, hole punch it and secure it to the bottle with a ribbon.  This did not happen. When I got my photos back the drugstore had kindly provided me with photos people I don't know instead of the photo of the items pictured above. Somewhere out there, some young couple is wondering why someone ordered print photos of crayons and army men, while I was left pondering why anyone would take bathroom selfies of themselves kissing while decked out in cowboy hats and short shorts. Anyway, it worked out just fine the kids had fun finding stuff even if they did not know what they were looking for. 

<![CDATA[Pixie Dust!!! FE gift idea SPOILER ALERT FOR FELLOW DISNEY WONDER CRUISERS]]>Fri, 21 Jun 2013 16:51:20 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/pixie-dust-fe-gift-idea-spoiler-alert-for-fellow-disney-wonder-cruisers

One of my latest crafts are these cute tiny bottle's of pixie dust! Okay, it is really just glitter that you can use on your nails but it certainly looks like pixie dust to me. 

<![CDATA[Pinterest Inspirations: Disney Cruise FE gift Idea]]>Sun, 14 Apr 2013 22:18:22 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/pinterest-inspirations-disney-cruise-fe-gift-ideaPicture
This fun Disney Inspired thank you goodie bag would be a cute DIY FE gift for our cruise in January. I

 Not crafty?  check them out over at mypaperpalace's shop at esty


$8 for a set of 6. 
*please note that price is subject to change and I have no experience with this seller, I just though it was a neat product and wanted to share it. 

<![CDATA[Pinterest Inspiration: DIY Mini Travel Kit (for grown ups!)]]>Sat, 13 Apr 2013 21:18:16 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/pinterest-inspiration-diy-mini-travel-kit-for-grown-upsPicture
I love this idea from inspire co! Using a mini tin to tuck in a few small craft items so than you can craft on the go when inspiration strikes. 

It is possible I will be tucking something like this in my luggage. 

Check it out :


<![CDATA[Pinterest Inspiration: DIY I Spy Book]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2013 15:19:09 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/pinterest-inspiration-diy-i-spy-bookPicture
I found another great travel craft idea on Pinterest this morning and a fab tutorial for it over at Delia Creates ( link at end of post). 

The idea is to pull out all the kids toys and photograph them in the style of the I SPY books. Then she used picasa to add text, and then simply printed the photos and slipped them in cheap little photo books.

I absolutely love this idea. It would make a fun travel book. I am planning to put one together for our January Cruise.

Here is the link to Delia Creates: http://www.deliacreates.com/2011/05/rainbowdiy-i-spy-books.html

<![CDATA[DIY Travel play kit]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2013 19:01:29 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/diy-travel-play-kit
DIY Travel play kit... My version
Okay, this Is my version of the cute travel play kit I posted about earlier. This is one of my 5-10 minute crafts- super simple and made from things around the house.

I used:

Scrapbook cardstock scraps in zebra print
Paint sample card in blue
Hot glue (burned my finger!)
A water bottle lid ( glued down and topped with a sticker to make a table!)
Random puffy stickers
Empty first aid kit box ( the small $1 ones)

My daughter loves it! The tiny my little ponies fit perfectly even with the lid shut. I decorated the top with stickers.

<![CDATA[Pinterest Finds:  DIY Travel Play Set]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2013 18:14:21 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/pinterest-finds-diy-travel-play-setPicture
This is and idea I have pinned twice on Pinterest, and I can see myself putting something like this together for Amber and a perhaps even a  more manly version for the boys. 

Actually, I found some cute little animal critters at a thrift store and bought them with the intention of doing something life this. But, those cute little critters got snatched up by the kids and I have not seen them again.

Visit the link below to find out more about this cute kit:

<![CDATA[Travel Craft Kit and link to Disney travel ideas]]>Sun, 07 Apr 2013 22:47:57 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/time-for-pinterest-inspirationsPicture
I found this neat idea over on the DIS boards. What you don't know about the DIS boards? If you are going anywhere Disney related ( or just dreaming about it!) you need to hop on over and check it out. Click the link below to check it out. http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?
Anyway, back to this neat travel craft idea, I think it is a really fun idea. As a kid I would have loved this, but I don't see this as something my boys would enjoy. Okay, they might enjoy it, but all I can see is all this scattered all over the car after they use the contents as weapons for there action figures.  Perhaps, when the Sassy Diva is older? 

<![CDATA[Our Fish Extender for our Disney Cruise in 2014]]>Fri, 22 Mar 2013 02:11:30 GMThttp://traveltimemama.weebly.com/travel-time-crafts/our-fish-extender-for-our-disney-cruise-in-2014Picture
Disney Wonder Cruise.... Fish Extender Part #1
We are going on a Disney Cruise! Okay, it is not until next January 2014, but it is never to early to get started on preparing. Not when you are me, anyway. So, this is a post about the Fish Extender or FE that I made for our cruise. That is it on the left side. I am REALLY happy with the way it came out. 

What in the world is a Fish Extender and why on earth would I want to make one? Yes, I asked myself that as well, but a quick consult with my friends Google & Pinterest gave me everything I needed to know and inspiration to get started. 

This is the fish that is beside the door of the cabin on each room on the ship. It is used as a message hook of sorts.  A fish extender is simply a hanging pocket, bag, or organizer that can be placed over the hook.  

Why would you want to do this? So you can exchange little gifts with other cruisers! It is easy to find other people who will be sailing on your cruise by CLICKING HERE .  The photo above would be a FE at it's most basic and if you are not crafty you can order one from etsy or ebay.  Check out these from etsy by gradysmommy.  I have not ordered from her but she comes highly recommended by other cruisers. 

So, now that you know about that Fish stuff, lets get on with mine.  First of all, I wanted to make mine. Second, I am cheap.  Third, I can sew but I try not to.   I am going to show you how I made my FE using these cute little tote from the Dollar Tree. They were $1 each. 

First Step: Cutting them up. I cut the straps off all but one. I left enough of the strap to glue under on the front to avoid fraying. I used the straps on the back to HOT GLUE (because it is awesome!) the back of the bags together... like this....

Had to pull the first one apart and re do it because the bags were not even on the front.  That is one of the great things about hot glue! No ripping out stitches when you mess up. Trust me, when I sew, my seam ripper gets a work out. 

Not bad! I did end up cutting some cardboard to fit into the bottom of the bags to make it a little more sturdy.I covered the cardboard with pretty scrapbook paper.  Next Step: Embellishing- if you want the detail on that, just click on over to the craft section of my blog and read on. This cost $4 so far!